The Polish Food Technologists’ Society is non-profit organization associating about 500 food professionals from industry and science, working in different part of Poland. Our main interest is to join activities of all food professionals from industry and science for discussing, developing and popularizing achievements of food science and technology and food-related areas. The Society cooperates with domestic, foreign and international organizations and institutions with the same or similar profile of activity. The Society manage also publishing activity of quarterly journal “FOOD.Science.Technology.Quality”.

Polish Food Technologists’ Society activities:

  • public lectures and other forms of food science popularization
  • initiating and establishing research groups
  • implementation of research projects
  • publishing activities,
  • developing expertise, issuing opinions and decisions in the field of the Society's operation,
  • educating and training members of the Society,
  • cooperation in unifying methods and norms, as well is naming in the field of food science and technology.
  • cooperation with related institutions, organizations and societies including government authorities

Organizational structure

The Polish Food Technologists’ Society activities are implemented through members of 10 regional Branches located in different part of Poland, members of local Branches can also cooperate through six thematic Sections.


The Honorary Member of Society – the person who has made outstanding merits in the field of food science within the scope of the Society's activities or has rendered him special services. An honorary member has all the rights of an ordinary member, as well as being exempt from membership fees.

The Gold Badge is awarded by the Main Board of Polish Food Technologists' Society to long-term members of the Society for outstanding organizational and conceptual contributions to the Society's activities and a significant contribution to the Society's development.

Medal and diploma of the 25th Anniversary of Polish Food Technologists’ Society - On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, for a significant contribution to the development of Society